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I'm Leanne Jamison

Hi! I’m Leanne

I am a Licensed Psychotherapist, Certified Holistic Life Coach, Women’s Empowerment Coach, Speaker and Entrepreneur.

I work with highly determined, influential, visionary women who feel like they have lost their spark.  I help them reclaim that spark, even brighter, bigger, and stronger by giving them the roadmap and support to embrace their personal power, create unshakeable confidence, become part of something bigger, and live their life with intention, clarity, purpose, passion and inspiration. 

My superpower is creating a safe space and the support for you female trailblazers and leaders to explore internal blocks so you can create a Powerful shift from limitation into unlimited possibilities. With my skills as a Psychotherapist, Empowerment Coach and my intuitive abilities, I am able to quickly identify your ‘blind spots’ that are blocking you from taking the leap from where you are in life, to where you want to be, and have the skills to transform your limiting beliefs quickly and efficiently.

A  client recently described her Coaching Journey with me as “Life changing" and "Giving her life back to her.” 

Another client described her journey as "The reason my own Coaching Program is off the ground and the reason I even had the courage to put it out there for people to see.  The program has healed, changed, and grown me".

If you are ready to move beyond the generational and societal patterns about what you are capable of achieving, and you are willing to release any excuses of not living in alignment with your Highest Life Vision, Dream, and Purpose, then you are in the right place.  

I bring deep healing from a Holistic therapeutic framework, Life Purpose Coaching, and Spirituality together to guide you in a journey of releasing self limiting beliefs and embracing your Personal Power and Unlimited Potential as a Female Trailblazer and Leader.  

This is not just another personal development course, it’s a Personal Expansion Program.

Are you ready to expand into a life filled with inspiration, passion, growth and a deep sense of Purpose?


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